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Save Money and Take Charge of Your Pest Control

Your DIY Pest Control Solution

Welcome to your pathway to an empowered, cost-effective, and reliable pest control solution. Our Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Subscription is designed with a focus on personalization, convenience, and proactive pest management.

Save Money

Traditional pest control services can leave a hole in your wallet. With our DIY Pest Control Subscription, you'll significantly reduce your expenses. We're here to help you save without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Access a Licensed Pest Control Expert

But you're not in this alone! Our subscription offers you unlimited access to a licensed pest control expert. You can call or text your queries any time, receiving professional advice without having to schedule costly house visits.

Customized Pest Control Each home is unique and so are its pest issues.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work with you to understand your specific pest control needs, providing guidance and recommendations tailored to your situation.

Take Control

There's something empowering about taking charge of your own pest control. Our subscription equips you with the knowledge and tools to do just that. No longer are you dependent on schedules of pest control companies. You decide when and where the action needs to be taken.

Free Slick Barrier Kit

As part of your subscription, we gift you a Slick Barrier kit every year, free of charge. The Slick Barrier is a simple, effective way to further protect your home from pests. If you prefer, we also offer professional installations throughout Arizona, the Las Vegas area, and Austin and San Antonio in Texas.

Take the leap towards a pest-free home today. Embrace convenience, cost savings, and the confidence of managing your own pest control with our DIY Pest Control Subscription.


Take Charge

Embrace the empowerment that comes with taking charge of your own pest control. With our DIY Pest Control Subscription, you're not just a bystander; you're an active participant in safeguarding your home. You decide when and how your pest control measures are implemented, all with the confidence that you're backed by professional advice and high-quality tools. Stand firm against pests and protect your home on your terms.

Get Slick Barrier

Got Bugs Get Slick Barrier! The Slick Barrier is your additional layer of defense in your quest for a pest-free home. This revolutionary tool helps protect your home from pests in a simple yet effective manner, supplementing your pest control efforts. The best part? It's available at no extra cost with our DIY Pest Control Subscription. This means not only are you receiving top-notch, personalized pest control guidance, but you also get the bonus of a free Slick Barrier kit each year. Boost your home's defenses with the Slick Barrier, included in your subscription for a comprehensive, cost-effective pest control solution.

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