Commonly Asked Questions

How does Slick Barrier Work?

Most insects and pests (like rodents) climb walls in order to enter a structure. However, they cannot climb up ultra smooth surfaces (like smooth tile or the windows of your home). Slick Barrier works by making ANY surface so smooth that insects and pests cannot climb up. If they cannot climb up, they cannot get in. 

If you choose to use Slick Barrier along with pesticides, Slick Barrier will increase the effectiveness  of the pesticides. It does this by keeping the pest out and in the pesticides for a longer period of time, increasing the pesticide exposure time. 

Does Slick Barrier use pesticide?

NO, there are no pesticides in any Slick Barrier products. Slick Barrier is a Physical Pest Barrier only.  We figured out exactly how smooth surface areas need to be in order to prevent pests from crawling vertically up structures.  We then worked with several coating chemists and manufactures to create our products. Slick Barrier physically stops bugs and keeps them away from your loved ones. Pesticides kill bugs using chemicals, but do not physically stop them before they enter a home first.

How long does Slick Barrier last?

We have a standard 1 year warranty on all our Slick Barrier products. This means we guarantee Slick Barrier will not break down within one year after it is applied. With that being said, Slick Barrier can last for years and years depending on weather conditions. You may have to apply touch up coats every year or two - depending on your climate. 

How do you apply Slick Barrier Products? 

Slick Barrier products are easy to apply.  All you need is a brush and other basic painting materials. Putting Slick Barrier on is just like painting. Depending on the surface, you may need multiple coats of Slick Barrier to build up the coating. We recommend applying the coating at 26 mil thick when wet. 

Is Slick Barrier safe? 

Yes, Slick Barrier is safe. Slick Barrier is a water based material, it is as safe and most interior paints.  We recommend using gloves and you can use breathing protection, but it's not mandatory. If you get Slick Barrier on your skin rise with warm water and soap to remove. 

Can I use Slick Barrier and pesticides together? 

Yes.  Since Slick Barrier and Pesticides do two totally different things, they can work together OR independent of each other.  If your goal is to simply keep the pests out of a structure/area, Slick Barrier is proven effective. If you want to eradicate the pests, as well as keep them out, using pesticides and Slick Barrier (together) is a fantastic way to control pests. Slick Barrier will increase the effectiveness of pesticides by keeping the pests outside and in the pesticide area. 

Can Slick Barrier replace pesticide? 

Slick Barrier products and pesticides do two different things. Slick Barrier works as a physical barrier to keep pests out.  on the other hand pesticides use chemicals to incapacitate and kill pests. Pesticides will not physically stop a pest from entering homes; whereas Slick Barrier will physically stop pests from entering homes.


Slick Barrier products aren't designed to replace pesticides, they are designed to physically keep pests outside where they belong. Pesticides and Slick Barrier can be used together or independently since they do two totally different things. With that being said, Slick Barrier will help pesticides work better by keep the pests outside where the pesticides are usually placed. We have independent University studies proving that the Slick Barrier System can increase the effectiveness of some pesticides.  

Is Slick Barrier patented? 

We have two allowed patents and four patents pending on the Slick Barrier System. Over a 9 year period, we figured out exactly how smooth, thick, hard and length of a surface area we need to keep crawling pests out. All of our Slick Barrier products are part of our Slick Barrier System, and are all tied to our patents. 

Slick Barrier shelf life? 

Slick Barrier has a 2 year shelf life. You do not have to stir or mix Slick Barrier. Simply keep it in a cool dry storage area. 

What else can I use Slick Barrier for?

You can use Slick Barrier to protect almost anything! This includes outdoor furniture, signs, boats, and/or table tops. Anything you want to protect from the sun and outdoor elements. It can be used as a clear finish or even to protect concrete and natural stone.