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Commonly Asked Questions

How does Slick Barrier Work?

Most insects and pests (like rodents) climb walls in order to enter a structure. However, they cannot climb up ultra smooth surfaces (like smooth tile or the windows of your home). Slick Barrier works by making ANY surface so smooth that insects and pests cannot climb up. If they cannot climb up, they cannot get in. 

When used in conjunction with pesticides, it increases their effectiveness by trapping the pests and prolonging their exposure to the pesticides.

It'll work on insects and pests that can't climb glass like surfaces. 

Does Slick Barrier use pesticide?

Our Slick Barrier products do not contain any pesticides. They use a physical barrier method to prevent pests from climbing and entering structures. We have determined the necessary smoothness of surfaces to prevent pests from climbing (it's in our utility patent), and have collaborated with coating chemists and manufacturers to create our products. Unlike pesticides which use chemicals to kill pests, Slick Barrier physically blocks them and keeps them away from your home.

How long does Slick Barrier last?

Our Slick Barrier products come with a 1-year standard warranty, ensuring that the product will not deteriorate within a year of application. However, the longevity of the product may vary depending on weather conditions and may require touch-up coats every 1-2 years, depending on the climate. We offer a membership program that will give you access to our products year after year for a discounted price. 

How do you apply Slick Barrier Products? 

Applying Slick Barrier is simple and requires minimal equipment, such as a brush and basic painting materials. The process is similar to painting and multiple coats may be necessary depending on the surface. To achieve optimal results, we recommend applying the coating at a thickness of 26 mil when wet. Here is a link to our full install video CLICK HERE

Is Slick Barrier safe? 

Slick Barrier offers two liquid coatings, one of which is water-based and is as safe as most interior paints. The other coating is called Slick Barrier Ultra Top Coat, which we recommend using with gloves and breathing protection during application. Neither of our coatings contain pesticides.  See full safety info, SDS and Labels CLICK HERE

Can I use Slick Barrier and pesticides together? 

Slick Barrier and pesticides serve distinct purposes and can be used together or independently. If the goal is simply to prevent pests from entering a structure or area, Slick Barrier is effective. However, if the goal is to eliminate pests as well as prevent entry, using both Slick Barrier and pesticides together is an effective pest control method. Slick Barrier will enhance the effectiveness of pesticides by trapping the pests outside and prolonging their exposure to the pesticides.

Can Slick Barrier replace pesticide? 

Slick Barrier products and pesticides serve different functions. Slick Barrier creates a physical barrier to keep pests out, while pesticides use chemicals to incapacitate and kill pests. Pesticides do not physically prevent pests from entering homes, whereas Slick Barrier does.


Slick Barrier products are not intended to replace pesticides, rather they are designed to physically block pests from entering homes. Both Slick Barrier and pesticides can be used together or separately as they accomplish different goals. However, Slick Barrier can enhance the effectiveness of pesticides by trapping pests outside where the pesticides are typically applied. Independent university studies have proven that the Slick Barrier system can increase the effectiveness of certain pesticides.

Is Slick Barrier patented? 

Our company holds two granted patents and four pending patents on the Slick Barrier System. Through extensive research over a period of 9 years, we have determined the precise level of smoothness, thickness, hardness and coverage required to prevent crawling pests from entering. All of our Slick Barrier products are part of the patented Slick Barrier System.

Slick Barrier shelf life? 

Slick Barrier has a 5 year shelf life. You do not have to stir or mix Slick Barrier. Simply keep it in a cool dry storage area. 

What else can I use Slick Barrier for?

Slick Barrier can be used to protect a wide range of objects and surfaces, including outdoor furniture, signs, boats, table tops and anything else that you want to protect from sun and outdoor elements. It can be applied as a clear finish or to protect concrete and natural stone.

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