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How To

Install Slick Barrier

Touch Up Slick Barrier

Measure Your Homes Linear Footage

This video will give a brief show you how to measure your homes linear footage using google maps. 

Slick Barrier on Rough Surfaces

This is how you install Slick Barrier on rough surfaces like stucco and block wall. 

Slick Barrier Wall Joints

Scorpions love to live in the permitter walls around neighborhoods. Now you can use Slick Barrier to keep scorpions off of your walls and out of your yard!

Slick Barrier Ultra Install

If you want to keep our more then just Scorpions you can use our top coat, Slick Barrier Ultra with the black label. This Video will show you what you need to install Slick Barrier Ultra. 

Slick Barrier Vent Protection (Rodents)

You can use Slick Barrier to protect opening to the interior of your home like drier vents. This short video shows you how. 

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

Slick Barrier can take 30-60 min to dry. In some cases it might make sense to let the coating dry overnight before putting on additional coats. 

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