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Slick Barrier Pro

Interested in becoming a Slick Barrier Pro? You've come to the perfect place. Any professional has the potential to become a Slick Barrier Pro, and pest control companies can reap numerous benefits by embracing what we refer to as the three Rs:


  • Revenue: Boost your upfront revenue through Slick Barrier installations and earn additional income by offering Slick Barrier maintenance programs.

  • Retention: Enhance customer retention by integrating Slick Barrier with your existing pest control treatments. Slick Barrier effectively keeps more pests out of your clients' homes, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  • Retreats: Minimize the need for pesticide re-treatments by utilizing Slick Barrier to prevent pests from entering your clients' homes. Re-treatments represent a sunk cost that no pest control company wants to incur, as excessive retreats can result in dissatisfied customers.


What's in store for you as a Slick Barrier Pro:


  • Certification: Get listed on our website as a certified pro.

  • Discounts: Enjoy discounted retail pricing from major retailers such as Home Depot and more. MORE INFO CLICK

  • Training: Receive training for your sales and installation representatives.

  • Contact Support: Gain access to resources for selling Slick Barrier.

  • Marketing Opportunities: The opportunity for free advertising and marketing in your area.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a Slick Barrier Pro (spots are limited). Fill out the information below, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.


Pricing Strategy for Slick Barrier Pros

1. Installation Pricing:

  • Base Rate: Charge between $6 and $9 per linear foot for Slick Barrier installations. The exact rate can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the job, location, and the total length of the installation.

2. Maintenance Plan:

  • Monthly Fee: Offer a maintenance plan priced between $25 and $35 per month. This plan includes regular inspections and necessary touch-ups to ensure the barrier remains effective at least two touch ups per year.

  • Plan Options:

    • Basic Plan: $25/month (twice a year inspections and maintenance)

    • Premium Plan: $35/month (quarterly inspections and maintenance)

3. Discounted Installation for Contract Commitment:

  • 2-Year Maintenance Contract: Provide an incentive for customers to commit to a long-term maintenance plan by offering a discount on the initial installation fee.

  • Discount Structure:

    • Offer a 10-15% discount on the installation fee for customers who sign a 2-year maintenance contract. For example, if the standard installation fee is $8 per linear foot, the discounted rate could be $6.80 to $7.20 per foot.

4. Promotional Offers:

  • Seasonal Discounts: Run seasonal promotions to attract new customers, such as a 5% discount on installations booked during the off-peak seasons.

  • Referral Program: Encourage existing customers to refer new clients by offering a discount on their next maintenance bill for each successful referral.

5. Value Proposition:

  • Highlight Savings: Emphasize the long-term cost savings and enhanced protection provided by the Slick Barrier system, making the investment appealing.

  • Quality Assurance: Assure customers of the high-quality, reliable service and the expertise of your installation team, backed by comprehensive training and support.

This pricing strategy aims to balance competitive rates with recurring revenue opportunities, ensuring both customer satisfaction and business profitability.


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