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I have tried and tried to prevent mice from entering into our crawlspace because they then have full access to our insulation, wiring, and house interior. Only since I applied a strip of the base coat has the mouse activity stopped. Now that the space is mouse-free, I can use it for storage.

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Mrs. S

I have hired people to block every opening in my elderly mom's house, and still mice found their way in under siding and into the cellar. We got a cat. I hired 3 different Pest Control companies and still the field mice found their way in when it got cold. Finally my landscaper saw this on Shark Tank and asked what have I got to loose? I was shocked when it actually worked. No mouse droppings in the cellar. Not sure how many years it will last through. Went on clear so you can't see anything.

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Sally Williams

We had Slick Barrier apply their coating to our house over a year ago. It cost less than the conventional methods we had already done, that did not work. To our relief, the Slick Barrier did work. When Slick Barrier offered full pest control we decided to switch to that as well. The techs from Averzion/Slick Barrier have been awesome!

What Does Slick Barrier Work On?
Rats, Scorpions, Squirrels, Spiders, Bedbugs and More!

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Slick Barrier Kit for insects/scorpions
New Touch Up Coat

Introducing our latest product, Slick Barrier Ultra Touch Up Coating. Enhance the smoothness of your existing Slick Barrier coating with this product, ensuring an ultra-smooth surface to effectively keep bugs out. Apply 1-2 coats on top of the curing Slick Barrier coating for optimal results.

Save hundred of dollars every year with Slick Barrier Do It Yourself Pest Control. 

We send two annual shipments filled with the necessary tools and simple instructions. Save money and empower yourself with our custom service for a well-protected home. You also get access to our team of licensed pest control professionals who can answer all your pest control questions. Programs start at as little as $25 per month and you can even get a FREE Slick Barrier kit if you sign up for Slick Barrier DIY Pest Control! MORE INFO CLICK

Slick Barrier Do It Yourself Pest Control
Pro Services
Slick Barrier Profesional Install

Offering Professional Slick Barrier Install in AZ.

Not keen on installing Slick Barrier on your own? We've got you covered. We provide professional installation services throughout Arizona – we're here to help. MORE INFO CLICK

Become a Pro

Learn how to earn more Revenue, Retain more customers and limit Retreats by becoming a Slick Barrier Pro.


AVERZION Full Service Pest Control

Arizona Only - For those who prefer a professional touch over a DIY approach, our pest control services (AVERZION) are just for you. We provide general pest control solutions to tackle all your pest problems. Scorpions are our specialty, and to maximize effectiveness, our treatments are strategically carried out at night when these pests are most active.  Furthermore, we utilize the innovative Slick Barrier technology to keep your home pest-free. Trust in our expertise to keep your living spaces clear of unwanted visitors. MORE INFO CLICK

AVERZION Pest Control in Arizona

5 Most asked FAQ's

Q: What does Slick Barrier work on?

A: The best answer is: "If it can't climb up glass it can't climb Slick Barrier."

Q: Will Slick Barrier work on the floor?

A: No, Slick Barrier needs to be on a vertical surface to work. 

Q: How long does it last? 

A: Slick Barrier may require touch up coats every 1 - 2 years; if the coating is exposed to extreme weather. We provide touch up aerosol cans for easy touch ups. 

Q: Will Slick Barrier work on the large pests like squirrels, lizards and rodents?

A: YES, Slick Barrier can be used to keep large pests off of homes, off bird feeders and out of all types of structures.

Q: How much do I need? 

A: Our smallest kit will cover 200 liner feet at 3-4 inches high. Here is a link on how to get your linear footage. CLICK HERE

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Slick Barrier is a patented and patent-pending system that protects homes and businesses from pests through the use of specialty clear coatings and films applied to the foundation or a few inches off the ground around the exterior walls, preventing pests from climbing and entering the building.



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Our Product

Slick Barrier 

Introduce Slick Barrier, a revolutionary, patented clear coating that prevents crawling pests from entering homes and businesses. This game-changing product is a key component in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Slick Barrier is a clear and durable coating applied to the exterior of buildings creating a slippery, non-stick surface that crawling pests can't climb. It makes it impossible for them to enter even when they try.

Not only is it effective, but it is also pesticide-free, safe for children and pets once dry and easy to apply on various surfaces such as brick, concrete, stucco, etc.

Say goodbye to harmful pesticides and hello to a pest-free environment with Slick Barrier. A simple yet innovative solution that will change the way you manage pests. Try it today and experience the difference.

Slick Barrier Water Base
Slick Barrier Ultra

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