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Scorpion Barrier!!!

What is the Slick Barrier?

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Slick Barrier is our patented and patent pending system used to protect your home (or business) from pests!  We design specialty clear coatings and films that are applied to the home's foundation or a few inches off the ground (around the home), stopping pests from climbing the exterior walls and preventing entry into a home.  



Our Product

Slick Barrier 

Slick Barrier is for both insects and rodents.  Every home has thousands of entry points for insects, which many of whom can crawl into entries the width of a credit card. To keep most insects out, you apply Slick Barrier with a brush to the bottom outside of your home - usually as close to the bottom of your home as possible. For rodent use you can place Slick Barrier around vents, chimney's, walls, ANYWHERE rodents are climbing to get inside. The clear coating will dry ultra smooth. MSRP $124


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