How to Apply Video

Check out our videos on how to apply Slick Barrier around your home.

For scorpions.

For rats, mice, squirrels, and other crawling rodents.

How to apply Step by Step

Slick Barrier is easy to install. It's just like painting. It's low VOC and can be used inside and outside. Suggested safety materials are light gloves and long sleeves. If you get Slick Barrier on yourself or something you don't want it on it can be removed with soap and warm water before it dries. 

Put Slick Barrier anywhere bugs and pests are having to crawl up to get in your home or business. You can put it around vents, baseboards, bed legs, or even around your entire home to keep bugs out!

Minimum Height

  • A minimum of 1 1/2 inch of vertical area (from top to bottom) needs to be covered to stop most crawling insects (scorpions, roaches, ants, ect.) from being able to climb up the covered area. 

  • Slick Barrier  - 1 gallon will cover 100-120 Linear Feet Double Coated at 4 inches high.


  • Paint Brush, Size Can Vary.

  • Slick Barrier 

  • Standard Painting Material, ex. Masking Tape, Drip Cloths, Glovers


  • Use masking tape, cloths and other painter materials to keep Slick Barrier off areas not intended for application.

  • If putting around your foundation pull back gravel, dirt or any objects away from the foundation.

  • Clean the surface Slick Barrier will be applied to with mild detergent soap and warm water (some areas may need additional cleaning). 

  • Let cleaned areas dry be applying Slick Barrier. 

Apply Slick Barrier 

  • Use paint brush to apply a THICK layer of Slick Barrier. 

  • Scoop up with paint brush and allow the Slick Barrier to flow down the vertical surface (it has a self leveling effect).

  • Allow at least 30-60 min of dry time between coats. 

  • Apply as many coats as is needed to create smooth surface (number of coats can depend on surface roughness and porous absorption). It should feel like smooth plastic or glass. (most painted surfaces will take 3-4 coats)

Tech Specs

  • Roughness Average - 9.09 μ,Μ

  • Range of coating thickness to achieve adequate smoothness: 30 mil thickness when wet(using a Wet Mil Thickness Gauge) and 14 mil thickness when dry.