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Yes, pesticides kill bugs and they have for decades but pesticides DON'T physically stop pests from entering homes. Most insects and pests like scorpions, spiders, roaches and rodents climb up walls to enter homes and businesses. In fact 95% of all insect stings and bites happen indoors. You can try and keep these pests out using traditional pest control methods like pesticides and traps, but pests always find a way inside. It can be frustrating because pesticides don't always kill the pests, and even if they do the pests might not die for days giving them a chance to still get inside your home. Overuse of pesticides can also be harmful to both humans and the environment. More and more pesticides are getting banned due the potential dangers to humans and the environment. Ultimately pesticides have their place, BUT there has to be a way to physically stop pests from ever entering homes and businesses!


Now there is a way, Slick Barrier keeps pests from ever getting inside in the first place. Slick Barrier is an eco friendly low VOC coating designed to dry so smooth pests (insects and rodents) can't climb it.  Also, the Slick Barrier System has been proven by 3rd party University testing to be 100% effective. Plus, those same studies showed the Slick Barrier System will actually INCREASE the effectiveness of pesticides. It works because pests will spend more time in the pesticides as they struggle to climb up the smooth surface.


Slick Barrier is a new way to think about pest control. It's a REVOLUTION in pest control!  

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