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Slick Barrier?

Scorpions are fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years. While they are fascinating to observe in their natural habitat, they can pose a serious threat to human beings when they invade our homes. One of the most dangerous scorpions is the bark scorpion, which is known for its potent venom and aggressive behavior.

Firstly, it's essential to understand why scorpions enter homes in the first place. Scorpions are attracted to homes because they offer shelter, food, and water. They can enter homes through small openings, cracks, and gaps in doors and windows. Once they are inside, they can hide in dark corners, crawlspaces, and other areas where they are difficult to detect. This makes them a significant danger to humans, especially if you have children, the elderly or pets.

Slick Barrier is a powerful tool for keeping scorpions out of your home. It creates a barrier around your home, preventing scorpions from entering. This barrier is designed to be smooth, making it difficult for scorpions to climb it. The barrier is applied around the perimeter of your home (usually on the stem wall aka foundation wall), creating a slick surface that scorpions cannot grip onto. This makes it an effective way to keep scorpions out of your home without using harmful chemicals.

Using Slick Barrier is an effective way to keep scorpions out of your home and protect your family from the dangers of bark scorpions. By creating a slippery barrier around your home, you can prevent scorpions from entering and reduce the risk of a potentially deadly encounter. If you live in an area where scorpions are common, it's essential to take proactive steps to protect your home and loved ones. Using a Slick Barrier is one of the best ways to do so.


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